Kendrick School eco-committee

With 5 weeks to go until the end of the school year, we have a mission to get the whole school community taking climate action. As an Eco Committee member, Kendrick School needs your help to get your fellow students living a little greener and showing them how easy it can be. Taking greener decisions no matter how big or small spur actions towards sustainability. On this site, find some inspiration to help get your EcoSpot challenges completed before the timer below is up...

    Create an action plan to reach your goals

    During an eco-committee meeting, discuss the points below:

    What needs to be achieved?
    List the remaining challenges and their goals. Check what progress has been made so far.

    How could we reach this goal?
    Grab a calculator and work out the different ways you could achieve the goal by the 16th July.

    For example, between us should we encourage 100 people we know to take part in each challenge twice a week? Or could we get 500 students to take part just once? How about getting fewer people to take part every day - how many people would we need?

    Map out different ways of achieving the goal and vote on the best strategy!

    What's the time schedule like?
    Create a goal for each week between now and the end of term - for example during the second week of June we are each going to get 5 friends to log a short shower.

    How are you going to allocate responsibilities?
    Who's going to do what? Can each eco-committee member talk to their form group about signing up to EcoSpot and taking an action?

    Make a shared list of staff members and form groups and divide them between the eco-committee members - check off each form group you speak to and every staff member that you persuade to take an action!

    Brainwriting exercise

    It's time to think of creative ways to get our friends to take climate action! Use this exercise to come up with fun activities you can easily do before the end of term. Brainwriting is an alternative method to brainstorming, its a technique for rapid idea generation.

    Here's how to do it:

    Step One
    Split up into 4 groups and take 4 large pieces of paper. Write the name of one EcoSpot challenge at the top of each piece.

    Step Two
    Then, each group writes down ideas for each challenge to help get others taking action for 4 minutes. For example, for the shorter shower challenge, you could create and share a playlist with songs that are 3 minutes in length.

    Step Three
    When finished, pass the paper to the next group who will review the ideas and add to them.

    Step Four
    Once the papers have made a full round, the committee shares all the ideas (usually on a whiteboard) and votes on the actions to take.

    Typically during the brainwriting process, there is no conversation. Everyone is quiet and focused on getting their ideas to paper. Only after all the ideas have been recorded does the team begin sharing and discussing the group’s responses.

    If you're stuck, check out the Inspiration button on the button of this site!

    Example prompts to get you started:

    At school, where are all the places students can buy snacks or lunch?

    Where do students actually eat their lunch? How could we remind them to log their meat-free meal if they are eating outside?

    In the canteen, how can we persuade people to try the vegetarian option? What would make it more appealing?

    Where do staff members eat and buy their lunch? What posters can we create to encourage the staff to go meat-free and where should we put them?

    What might be stopping students from taking action? How could we make it easier?

    Shorter Showers

    Create 3 different playlists - 2 minute, 3 minute and 4 minute mixes that will wake you up and speed up showering. When you're timing your shower against a song that's familiar to you, you know when it's time to speed up before the song ends! Share your playlists with friends and invite them to add to your shorter shower playlist

    Curate creativity

    Curate a collection of DIY upcycling videos on TikTok or YouTube, can you get a group of friends to do an activity together for the EcoSpot bonus challenge?

    Think about what may be leftover in the art and textiles department at the end of the school year - can you create an activity for Kendrick Earth Week to repurpose these materials into something new?

    Here are some ideas to get you started 👇

    Canteen Redesign

    Encourage your classmates to make swaps to meat-free meals by making them easier to access. Create a fun poster guide of the weekly meat-free options your school canteen offers and remind students to log their meals on EcoSpot. How many people in your form group can you persuade to go meat-free for two days a week?

    Here are a couple of easy at-home switches, like Tasty's one-pot vegetarian meals 👇

    School Saver

    Split into groups and take a building or a classroom each. Conduct a lunchtime audit by searching for all the opportunities to save energy on the school site.

    Then, design small, colourful reminder cards to place near computers, light switches and projectors, telling students and staff to turn the switch off and upload their action to EcoSpot.

    Bottle Cap Trail

    Encourage all students to bring lids and caps into school or to save them from lunch.

    Each form will be aiming to create the longest line of bottle caps to represent items they've recycled. Log each item into the EcoSpot recycling challenge and perhaps even borrow a glue gun from the art department to turn the items into a mosaic!